Hello….(such an original title)

Hey and welcome to my little nook of the world!! :) You’re probably wondering who this “Jess Ann” is so I’ll tell you a little about me….like for starters, my full name is Jessica Ann Wingard. I am 15 years old and a photographer. ;) I live in the flat lands of Oklahoma and no we are not always hiding from tornadoes. I have two younger brothers, Cody and DeVon and two wonderful parents-typical American family. ;) I am also a Christian and I love to bake, doodle, and many other things which I could name off if I wasn’t actually trying to write it down. This is probably my 5th time trying to start a blog, I typically write about once a month and then it staggers off into years, so we’ll see if this is any different….oh and I’ll try to improve that once a month thing as well. :P Well thank you so much for taking the time to read my first post (hopefully not my last) and hope to see ya soon! ;)

-jess ann

you can find me on Facebook and Pinterest.


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