I’m not sure what to call this…

     Do you ever come across a verse that you really like but you’re not sure where you should write it down to remember it because maybe you’re reading it on the Bible app on your phone. Or maybe you do like I do and read it several times, trying to memorize it but then you forget it and later when you’d like to look at it again, you don’t have the reference….I decided I’m gonna use a notebook that one of wonderful friends, Abigail gave to me awhile back. IMG_4203
Every time I come across a verse I like I’ll jot it down in there so I don’t forget it! Maybe once in awhile I’ll share some of my favorite verses on here. :)
Or maybe it’s just me and everyone else can take pictures of it with their mind and y’all are thinking I’m a bit crazy for not being able to remember them…hah, I hope not. ;) Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous day!!
-jess ann

free wallpapers

Hey y’all :) …..so one thing y’all may not know about me is that I love designing things. Logos, watermarks, sayings-you name it! I love just playing around with stuff so here are a couple free wallpapers I made. It fits the iPod 5 and the iPhone 5 (or it should). Enjoy! And if y’all have anything you want me to design for you or maybe make a wallpaper-email me at jwingard99@yahoo.com and I’d love to! (Although I’m not promising I’ll see your email right away as I hardly ever check it which results in uhhhhhh 1000+ unread emails.) :O 23marchfreebie25Please let me know if they don’t work and I’ll try to fix it!!! :)

Happy Saturday!

-jess ann


Hey y’all! :) How are y’all? It seems like awhile since I posted but it’s only been like 4 days…haha there’s been a lot going on since then! But I’m just making this a short post and sharing a quick before & after of a picture I just took and edited this evening.


I know there are a lot of things wrong with this picture….like the horizon line going through her neck and the focus, but it was (basically) my first time doing a photoshoot with the sun like this. :)


Hope y’all have a great week….:)

-jess ann

little things // #1

hey y’all :) today I am doing a post that was inspired by Raquel. Basically I’m writing down the little things I’m thankful for…..sooooo here goes.IMG_35211{mornings that feel like spring}

{that i get to babysit an awesome little boy named Ryker}


{flip-flop weather}

{our new dog that actually poses for pictures}



{that i live in oklahoma}

{best friends}


…and of course a million other things.


-jess ann

Book Review: “Live Original”

Hey guys, today I’m doing something a little different (but when have I done anything ‘normal’ :P) I’m reviewing Sadie Robertson’s book, Live Original.


This book is amazing…..it’s not really a devotional book but yet sorta down that line. It has some great thoughts in it and Sadie brings out different things that I never would’ve thought about. There’s a lot of different topics in it and I want to go through and read parts of it again. (So now you KNOW it’s good because I hardly ever read a book twice. :P)

I love her honesty in it and the way she puts everything in a different perspective.





Is it amazing:


Is it awesome:


Do I recommend it:

Um, YES.

….ok I think y’all get the point ;D

Have you read the book? If so, what did you think about it? Let me know in the comments. Also, should I do more book reviews?

I hope you have a great day….and..life…


-jess ann


-font-b-Happiness-b-font-font-b-Definition-b-font-Cute-Decor-vinyl-wall-decal            Have you ever thought about how happiness is an odd emotion? Like wow all of the sudden I feel like nothing could go wrong and today is the best day ever. And then something happens and it’s like someone took a pin and popped your balloon and all of the sudden you feel like there’s nothing to be happy about anymore and you can’t even find one reason. (That’s when Pollyanna becomes really annoying.)

But here’s the thing: we choose whether or not we want to be happy. If we depend on other people to be happy, we’re setting ourselves up for a lot of disappointments. Everyone’s human and everyone makes mistakes same as me and you. If we’re put in a situation that isn’t exactly pleasant, being grouchy about it isn’t going to make it better. In fact, it makes it a lot worse. We’re gonna have to deal with it anyways so we might as well do it with a good attitude. ;)

I’m writing this just as much for me–it’s often hard to be happy when you feel like the whole world is out to bring you down and nothing feels right. But it’s like a quote that my mom has in her bedroom, “There is always, always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.” If you look around, there are people a lot worse off then you are, so let’s choose to be happy. ;)