I’m not sure what to call this…

     Do you ever come across a verse that you really like but you’re not sure where you should write it down to remember it because maybe you’re reading it on the Bible app on your phone. Or maybe you do like I do and read it several times, trying to memorize it but then you forget it and later when you’d like to look at it again, you don’t have the reference….I decided I’m gonna use a notebook that one of wonderful friends, Abigail gave to me awhile back. IMG_4203
Every time I come across a verse I like I’ll jot it down in there so I don’t forget it! Maybe once in awhile I’ll share some of my favorite verses on here. :)
Or maybe it’s just me and everyone else can take pictures of it with their mind and y’all are thinking I’m a bit crazy for not being able to remember them…hah, I hope not. ;) Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous day!!
-jess ann

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