How I Took Lightning Pictures

*Disclaimer: I’ve only taken lightning pictures one time, I am not a professional photographer, I just want to share how I did it :)*

Hey y’all! So this post is for my fellow photographers. Last night, we had a gorgeous lightning storm and so I hurried to go take pictures. A little while back, I had read an article about how to take lightning pictures but I didn’t do much research because I didn’t know I was gonna take some last night. ;) First of all you’re gonna need a tripod because your shutter speed is gonna be pretty slow. For all of mine, my shutter speed was 30 seconds but I read an article this morning to put your shutter speed on Bulb. IMG_46461(click on the picture to enlarge it)

I had my ISO on 400 for all of these pictures. My aperture varied between F/13 and F/6.3. As it got darker, I widened my aperture so I didn’t have to bump up my ISO because I didn’t want grain in these pictures. During those 30 seconds when your taking a picture, if you see a lightning bolt, then it was captured in your picture. (Only, of course, if it was in your camera’s view ;)) I took these pictures a lot like I took star pictures (I can do a post on that as well, if y’all would like) I don’t have a shutter-release remote so I set it to Self-timer: 2 seconds so I didn’t get any camera shake from pressing down the button.


And yeah that was pretty much how I took them! ;) I think my friends and Mom thought I was crazy because I was so happy about taking lightning pictures haha.

IMG_46311IMG_46221       Hope you have a fabulous day and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. :) I’m not an expert but I’ll share what I know. :) Let me know how your lightning pictures turn out!! I’d love to see them!! :)

-jess ann


One thought on “How I Took Lightning Pictures

  1. I know the feeling of being so excited over trying something new in the photography world and it actually turns out…..and everyone thinks your half weird. Lol, anyway, great job! Looks very pretty!


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