Instagram Happenings?? 

Hey y’all! Ok so first of all I’m sorry if this post looks odd, I’m writing it on my iPod soo we’ll see how this goes. ;) I use Instagram kind of like a “photo diary” and I just post random snapshots/happenings of my life. So I thought I’d share a post of some of my recent Instagram pictures.

  ^this post is still comin’ ;)

 ^i LOVE ‘dreary’ weather like this :D

 ^Pretty much self explanatory :)

 ^the one on the left is my cousin and best friend, Abigail. :) Middle, me. Right, a friend. :)

 ^love Oklahoma sunsets!!

 ^already blogged about this ;)

 ^annd with Oklahoma, come tornadoes. :P

If you want to see more “Instagram Inspired” posts likes this, let me know!! :D

-jess ann


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