Window Photoshoot

I have so many weird/odd/I-don’t-even-know-what ideas for photoshoots…..I was doing my school in my room, and it was raining outside as I was looking out my window and I got this idea that if I stood in the hall, I could take pictures like this: IMG_5118 IMG_5132 IMG_5219 IMG_5159 IMG_5151 IMG_5129    So that is how they turned out… was funny because everytime we heard someone coming, we’d duck back inside the window because I’m sure if someone would’ve seen two girls with their heads hanging out the window; one with a camera, the other with a hat (hat credits to Abigail btw ;)) they probably would’ve had their things to think about us..haha ;) 11121905_1592550591001201_559387448_n 11165824_1592550697667857_1532452559_n

-jess ann


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