My cute cousin + update on life ;)

One of the things I love about photography is taking pictures of my adorable little relatives. :)

IMG_5379Like this one. ;)

He turned one in February and he is soo serious!!

IMG_5373IMG_5328 IMG_5296 IMG_5281 And he’s seriously so cute. <3IMG_5247I started writing this post 2 days ago but a lot of stuff has happened so for a quick run down; on Monday, my Great-Great Aunt passed away and her funeral was yesterday. She was 104 years old!!!!IMG_3590So this week has been busy preparing for that and some of our friends came down for the funeral and so we went shopping yesterday afternoon. 11156224_1595829534006640_6453812504843365839_nAnd now tonight there’s a volleyball game….so that’s basically it for now. ;) I really should go study (or rather, make) my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow sooooooo I will now depart. ;D Have a great weekend!!

-jess ann


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