t o d a y

today it’s been raining basically the entire day long. it’s one of those cozy days that you just wanna do nothing except read and drink coffee. except someone drank the last of our coffee and i need a new book to read, but i think i have one in mind annnd i can always go make a fresh pot so it’s still a good day. ;)


what does your day consist of? :)

-jess ann


10 thoughts on “t o d a y

      1. Hmm, yeah. I wanted to be one till I was one. Lol, JK. I like it, but I’m glad I only do one day a week cuz if you bang on the keyboard all day your like so ready to be done. If you pay your ticket to PA, I’ll let you take my place Monday. ;)

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      2. Lol :) Anytime! (don’t forget to bring your camera. That’ll be a icebreaker since I never met you. Isn’t it funny how you can easily email/text people and then when you meet them your like “um, hello.” :D

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  1. Love the vibes the photo gives off – days like that are my FAVORITE.
    The rest of my day will consist of homework and planning a photo shoot. Hurrah for the latter – but not so much for the school. ;)

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