Boring UOL #3 

I’m writing this on my iPod because I don’t wanna walk around my bed to get my laptop. (Laziness at its finest.) Right now it’s POURING rain. I think Oklahoma turned into a rainforest, minus the trees. ;P

  i went outside with my disposable waterproof camera to get a couple pictures so it’ll be interesting to see how those turn out. ;) I’m sitting here preparing my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. I have a couple extra so that means double the “preparing” :) It’s the preschool/kindergarten class.   

  Sorry for the bad quality iPod pictures, again, today is a lazy day. 

   I really don’t know what to blog about….so comment below what you’d like to see more, photograpy? UOL? Idk?? I took my brother’s birthday pictures so expect those soon. We have some relatives coming in this weekend as there’s a wedding this afternoon so it’s always fun with cousins. :) We found out recently that my Grandpa (we call him Daudy) has cancer so please keep him in your prayers. Well I should I probably go finish (ok fine I barely started) my Sunday lesson. Have a great day! <3

-jessica ann 


flower obsession (srsly send help)

   IMG_59001i would hate to know how many pictures i’ve taken of flowers. i probably could break a record….most people go snap like maybe between 5-10 but not me, oh no. i have to make sure i have every. single. angle. captured and maybe then i’ll over or under expose, just to make sure i don’t regret not having that later. #photographerprobs

am i the only one????

country life

  One of the best things (I think) about living in the country is all the photo opportunities! ;) IMG_4262 And with living in Oklahoma, there are plenty of gorgeous sunsets. IMG_88571 Probably sunrises as well buuuut uhm….the sun rises around 6:30….who’s up by that hour?? :P IMG_5839 IMG_5583 IMG_5547 IMG_5421 IMG_5402 IMG_5058 IMG_4989 IMG_4743 IMG_4633 IMG_4496 IMG_5853PicMonkey Collage1 I’d say Oklahoma is a pretty great place to take pictures! :)

-jess ann

Internet Break??

    Soooooo before I get started on this topic, I just wanna say that I AM DONE WITH 9TH GRADE! (Ok ok, I’m pretty sure my friends are tired of hearing this) buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I’m very relieved. :D So this morning I read this article and it inspired me to take some kind of internet break. I blocked Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube on my laptop so I can’t get on them if I even wanted to. The block ends tomorrow as I was just testing it out but I’ll probably extend it. I also deleted apps like Facebook off of my iPod so I can’t go on them. I would just give up my laptop and iPod for awhile completely but I need my iPod to text the people I babysit for and stuff. But I did delete the main distractions. And as for my laptop, I use it a lot for pictures and stuff (which is the main reason I got it) so that’s why I just blocked main distractions. As for blogging, I don’t know, I may take a break or something but for the most part it’s not that big of a distraction so I may not, I have no idea lol. Sooooo we’ll see how this goes, I have no idea how long I’ll make it last. Could be a week, could be a month. (<Haha who are we kidding) But anyways. I will “see” y’all later. Whether it be in three days or three weeks. :)


-jess ann

UOL #2

  I’m making UOL stand for ‘Update on Life’ so then I’ll just post random happenings. :) So one of the bigger things that happened this week is my dad started trucking!! 11206049_10204052619738419_4108379646387082537_n (picture taken by my mom)

Well as you can see here, it’s not a typical truck and he’s in a wheelchair. That’s because when I was almost 1, my Dad had an accident and they had to amputate both of his legs. He is now a motivational/safety speaker (which to learn more about that you can see his website here.) He converted a regular semi (along with my brothers, and some help from a couple other people) into a handicapped semi that he can drive. So that was a big change! :)

This week has just been kinda normal otherwise. We planted garden IMG_5736(this is about half of our garden) and my brothers finished school (don’t ask when I’m gonna be done lol.) If you asked my youngest brother, DeVon, he’d say today is a pretty important day because he turned 10 today!! :)IMG_7677 I often make him model for me, which he just LOVES (or not). This year is kinda cool for birthdays because DeVon turned 10, Cody is gonna turn 13, and I’m turning 16! :) Well….I guess that’s basically it for now, except tonight I’m going to a photography class at our library tonight soooo that could be interesting. :)

Have a very very very very good week.

-jess ann