Internet Break??

    Soooooo before I get started on this topic, I just wanna say that I AM DONE WITH 9TH GRADE! (Ok ok, I’m pretty sure my friends are tired of hearing this) buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I’m very relieved. :D So this morning I read this article and it inspired me to take some kind of internet break. I blocked Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube on my laptop so I can’t get on them if I even wanted to. The block ends tomorrow as I was just testing it out but I’ll probably extend it. I also deleted apps like Facebook off of my iPod so I can’t go on them. I would just give up my laptop and iPod for awhile completely but I need my iPod to text the people I babysit for and stuff. But I did delete the main distractions. And as for my laptop, I use it a lot for pictures and stuff (which is the main reason I got it) so that’s why I just blocked main distractions. As for blogging, I don’t know, I may take a break or something but for the most part it’s not that big of a distraction so I may not, I have no idea lol. Sooooo we’ll see how this goes, I have no idea how long I’ll make it last. Could be a week, could be a month. (<Haha who are we kidding) But anyways. I will “see” y’all later. Whether it be in three days or three weeks. :)


-jess ann


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