Boring UOL #3 

I’m writing this on my iPod because I don’t wanna walk around my bed to get my laptop. (Laziness at its finest.) Right now it’s POURING rain. I think Oklahoma turned into a rainforest, minus the trees. ;P

  i went outside with my disposable waterproof camera to get a couple pictures so it’ll be interesting to see how those turn out. ;) I’m sitting here preparing my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. I have a couple extra so that means double the “preparing” :) It’s the preschool/kindergarten class.   

  Sorry for the bad quality iPod pictures, again, today is a lazy day. 

   I really don’t know what to blog about….so comment below what you’d like to see more, photograpy? UOL? Idk?? I took my brother’s birthday pictures so expect those soon. We have some relatives coming in this weekend as there’s a wedding this afternoon so it’s always fun with cousins. :) We found out recently that my Grandpa (we call him Daudy) has cancer so please keep him in your prayers. Well I should I probably go finish (ok fine I barely started) my Sunday lesson. Have a great day! <3

-jessica ann 


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