collection of photographs

    hey y’all….so the reason i haven’t been posting that much lately is because i’ve been feeling very uninspired to write anything. today, however, when i woke up from my nap (yes, i love taking naps!) in my groggy state of mind i randomly thought, “i should blog again!…” sooo here i am. i have a lot of pictures to post so hopefully i’ll be able to narrow it down. ;) IMG_7030 IMG_7009 stormy skies IMG_6994 IMG_6704 IMG_3235 IMG_3234 IMG_7040my mom and i saw this lighthouse when we were in the city:IMG_7171while we were walking there i saw this sceneryIMG_7210which reminded me a lot of this pictureAndreas-Gurskywhich, as you can see, was sold for A LOT of money!

another project i’ve been working on is for the For His Princess magazine. here is the link for the website. i’m a columnist photographer which is a lot of fun because i can convey the topic with my pictures. :) IMG_7273well i think that’s it for now…it’s wheat harvest right now here in oklahoma so that’s always a fun time, hopefully i’ll take some pictures of it. :) have a great day!!

-jessica ann


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