5 Typical Things That Happen In Movies

    Have you ever noticed when watching a movie that a lot of the same things happen? I’m talking about actions they do or things they say that you already knew were coming…so here areUntitled112

1. When two people are sitting at a table and this person #3 wants to talk to one of the people at the table. So person #2 stands up and they move about a foot away and then person #3 says something that person #1 isn’t suppose to hear. Oh c’mon do they really expect person #1 not to hear when they’re right beside him?? Apparently because then when person #2 sits down person #1 asks if everything is ok, which person #2 answers that it is, and then they continue with their meal or whatever they were doing.

2. It can go the opposite way as well. Sometimes person #2 and #3 are standing at the opposite end of the room and person #1 walks in and hears their evil plot and then runs and tells everyone and saves the day yada yada. Apparently someone must’ve gotten hearing aids because he couldn’t hear them when they were right beside him.

3. It’s very easy to discover the plot after watching a movie for even 10 minutes. One time I was watching something with my brothers and I rattled off what was going to happen before the movie even barely began. Which I was right (I think, there was like 10 minutes left and we didn’t finish it but up til then my prediction was correct.) Normally the 2 people that seem to hate each other or bump into each other on the street and fumble around for words end up together. (*I just spoiled a bunch of movies*) I don’t think I’ve every seen a movie that didn’t end up like that.

4. You can predict what the character is going to say/do next. Often if you watch body language and if you know their personality it’s pretty easy to tell. Especially if it’s a comeback or just something sarcastic. And then you sit there telling them how they could’ve worded it better so they didn’t get in so much hot water.

5. Like I mentioned in #3, the two people that don’t get along ALWAYS end up together. Normally it goes something like this: person #1 bumps into person #2 and either they hit it off right away or they dislike each other. Then it takes another turn, if they like each other, then it’s all fine and dandy until one of them finds out something about the other person and they break up and then there’s a scene with them both looking out the window with a sad song playing and them going through their daily activities, with a sad face, and then at the end they get together…of course. Now if they don’t like each other, they’ll fight like the whole movie long and then when one of them is done with their job or whatever they were doing that made them bump into the person to start with, they leave on a plane or bus or something. But then of course they meet there, stare at each other for like 20 seconds and then live happily ever after.

   Not every movie is like this but 90% of the ones I watch are. Am I the only that thinks this or do others see this as well? Which point is the most common thing that happens? :)

   Well I hope you have a film-tastic day. (I know, I’m lame hehe)

-jess ann


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