Random Haul // UOL #4

   Last Monday I went shopping with some of my girl cousins. We went to drop off their sister (there were 4 of us, counting me, the other 3 are sisters) at the airport as she’s a travel nurse and is currently residing in Barrow, Alaska. After that we went shopping. :) First of all we went to Hobby Lobby. I could live in that place. It’s probably my favorite store ever! IMG_94841As you can see I got some random stuff. Oh and I got this plaque:IMG_94761 Ironically, a very annoying thing happened in The Best Place On Earth. IMG_9510 Yeahhh that happened. Don’t ask.

After this heartbreaking incident, (I’m kidding) we went to Ross. Another great store. IMG_94891I got this “to-go” charger which is an amazing device, and this awesome notebook. IMG_94801It was a very fun day and I’m so thankful I have older cousins to do stuff with. ;)


On the not-so-bright side, as I said in the post before this, my grandpa passed away on July 8th. Since 3 of his 5 children don’t live here we had to go through my grandparents stuff right away and clear it all out. It’s really hard/weird seeing the house empty out! My 2 aunts and 1 uncle are going back home today so loose ends are still being tied up. Next week is going to feel really empty with a bunch of my cousins gone and getting back into our ‘routine’ again. Hopefully we’ll be able to go camping or something like that! :)

Wellllllll I should go…….do….something….*posts blog post and goes on Pinterest* haha. ;) I hope you have a great weekend!

-jess ann


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