Interview: Cece // Designing

Hey y’all! So today I have something different. :) I interviewed the awesome Celia about her newly found designing business! Be sure to go check out her site and blog afterwards!

Hi there!
My name is Celia. I’m 15 years old. I love simplicity, obsessing over my many obsessions, being around awesome people, good music, good food, and good feelings.
I love designing beautiful blogs. I create every design with love and care, making it a perfect place to express yourself. And they are completely free! If you are in need of a design, or just want a single design element, check out my site!
If you want to get to know me further, head over to my blog!

1. What made you decide to start designing?

I started doing blog designs because I really enjoyed designing my own blog, and I was learning about codes and such. I just wanted something to keep my busy when I am bored! XD

2. How old were you when you first started?

I started blogging when I was ten years old, and I opened my design site in May of this year.

3. What would you describe your style as?

Simple, clean, minimal, cute, edgy, modern.

 4. Would you want to do this as a job?

Not really. I this is just something I like doing as a hobby.

5. Who are some of your favorite blog designers?

My favorite blog designer is Nicole Rose Designs. I got my first blog design from her, and her designs are amazing! She has also helped me out with codes, and answered all my blogging questions.

6. How do you design them?

When I design a blog, I first collect some images from Pinterest that have the colors that I am looking for. Then I gather the colors from the pictures, and pick out some fonts that fit the style. Then I begin the design!

7. About how long does an average blog take?

It depends. I can usually get the design it self done in a day, but the emailing back and forth usually takes longer.

Thank you so much Cece!! You have a great talent! Keep it up! If anyone else wants to be interviewed comment below or contact me. Have a great day!

-jess ann


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