My boys

   So I think I’ve mentioned in several posts about some of the little boys I babysit but I haven’t really talked that much about them (on my blog anyways :P). I’ve been babysitting for 2 years now and love it! I babysit 3 little boys. Ryker, the oldest boy I babysit has now a two month old sister, Sutton. So next summer I’ll babysit her as well.

Meet Ryker:

Ryker was the first one I ever started babysitting. He was 3 months old and now he’s 2  1/2! He’s so big!! :/IMG_9991 He’s hilariously smart and if you ask him how your cooking is he’ll reply with, “Not too bad, not too good; edible!” He use to be reallllyy laid back but after his sister was born he became a little more mischievous. ;) He just now came up to me with this book that he’s constantly asking me to read and he’s like,

“You read this to me?”

Me: “Ryker I’ve read that book over and over, how about you read it to me?”

Him: “How about not.” Then as if to see if he could bribe me he goes, “You’re nice!….”

…..Never a dull moment with him! IMG_1265

Meet Jax:

I started babysitting Jax when he was about 7-8 months old and he just turned 2! IMG_80901He’s the active one around here. He’s very “aggressively cuddly” and loves to ‘jabber’. He can’t really string any sentences together but he’ll find a word that he likes and repeat it for the next half hour! :P He adores my younger-older brother, Cody. He’s the “human trashcan” of the three. He’ll eat basically anything plus finish up the other boys’ snacks if they don’t want it. He loves tractors and cars. IMG_00881

Meet Jake:

I’ve just recently started babysitting Jake, but I’ve known him his whole life because he’s actually my first cousin! :) He turned 1 in February.IMG_5328 His curls are adorable. <3 He’s the quiet one of the bunch, although recently he’s started talking more! Ever since he’s been a baby he’s always sooo serious. He’s loosened up some now but he use to make you work for that smile. ;) He loves to be cuddled and his giggle is absolutely adorable! IMG_9923

I often make my guys “model” for me and they just LOVE it!….Not! :P 15 - 11(L-R: Jax, Me, Ryker, and Jake) 15 - 1(L-R: Cody holding Jax, DeVon holding Jake, Me holding Ryker) Snapshot 1 (7-2-2015 11-45 AM)I’m so thankful for these little fellas ;) <3


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