Change // Part 2

kansas2015 has been a very different year and it just keeps getting “differenter.” Lol. I live in Oklahoma and so going to Kansas for 9 months is going to be quite a change!! Yes I’m only 15 years old. :P Kansas isn’t that far away and I’ll get a chance to come home quite often but it’s still kinda scary. ;) Next week my family is going camping and the week after that is all I have to pack, so if it’s quiet around here on my blog that’s why. I’ll try to post as much as possible that way y’all can know what’s going on in my life but I have no idea how it’s gonna be when school starts! Well I should go as I have a bunch of stuff to do-I just wanted to let y’all know what’s happening. :) 426791_467209283327718_2021712645_n

-jess ann

(P.S. Tomorrow isn’t gonna be my last day babysitting after all since school got moved back a week, whoop whoop!)


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