About Me

Hey y’all! So considering the fact that you clicked on my “About Me” page I’m guessing you want to know more about me??? Well first of all…why?! My friends would probably warn you to run while you can. ;) My address is a small town in Oklahoma, but I live about 4 miles out of town.IMG_7835 My full name is Jessica Ann Wingard, hence Jess Ann. I am 15 years old and adore little children, sunsets, cups of hot cocoa, long talks with my best friends, and evening walks. About 14 years ago, my dad had an accident [a couple weeks before my 1st birthday] and they had to amputate both of his legs. Now he is a safety speaker and a trucker. You can find his website here. My mom is the best mom ever. She loves to garden and scrapbook. She sells oils and Zeal which you can find her website here. The last two members of my family would be my “little” brothers. Cody is 12 and DeVon is 10! Cody loves to read and is amazingly smart at history! DeVon is ALL about guns and the outdoors! IMG_8692DeVon, Me, and Cody

IMG_4383Cody, Devon, and Me

My whole family: IMG_7414So now you know a little more about my family so I’ll tell you a little more about me. One of my biggest hobbies is photography. I love taking pictures and capturing that moment for how it was. I also love baking, reading, hanging out with friends, playing violin, babysitting, making presets and watermarks, (website here)  and a ton, ton more. The latest adventure in my life is “moving” to Hutchinson Kansas for high school! If you wanna know more about why then please feel free to contact me! :) My favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” I love it because it means that no matter WHAT the situation, God can, and will, make something good come out of it! Well I think y’all have probably heard so much about me that you may have fallen asleep. ;P If you want, follow me to continue hearing about my life! Thanks for stopping by!! IMG_6517 IMG_6955-2

-jess ann


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